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Alexandra Stan is a Romanian super star famous all over the world for her dancing hits that set the music hit charts on fire over the last years.
Alexandra was born in the city of Constanta, Romania, on the 10th of June 1989. She discovered her passion for music at the early age of three, being inspired by the famous cartoon Ariel, the little mermaid.
She went on to nurture her love for music by appearing in many festivals and song contests, making a strong impression in Mamaia’s National Song Contest in 2009. Shortly after this she was signed by the Maan Studio, and started taking singing classes.
Her first single “Lolipop” was released the same year, and her name started to become more recognized in the European music industry. The second single that followed in the autumn of 2010, “Mr. Saxobeat”, was the absolute hit in Romania, maintaining the #1 spot in the “Romania Top 100” chart for 8 weeks in a row. During the same time other countries became addicted to the song. The international charts of Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Canada, Israel, Spain, Turkey and many others have all been dominated by the saxobeat for weeks.
The sensational hit reached the nr.1 spot in Germany, being the second Romanian song to achieve such a successful spot in this country, after “Dragostea Din Tei” of O-zone. It was also nr.1 in Austria, Switzerland for 20 weeks straight. Other top spots worth mentioning are top 5 in over 20 countries, as well as nr.2 in Belgium, Finland, Norway, Scotland and Czech Republic. It was also the nr. 1 hit in the UK Dance Chart and US Hot Dance Airplay for 7 weeks, entering and maintained a strong position the Billboard Hot 100.
The third single was named “Get Back (ASAP)”, launched in the spring of 2011. It reached the top position in Slovakia, 4th in the “Romanian Top 100”, and in more than 20 other countries managed to stay in the top 5 songs chart.
With her singles, she topped international charts, recording over 300 million views on YouTube.
In 2011, she received a Platinum Record for her single "Mr. Saxobeat", which was sold in more than 1.000.000 units worldwide. She also won the Platinum Disc in Australia, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.
After the launch of the fourth single “1.000.000” a featuring with the German rapper Carlprit, in August, 2011 Alexandra Stan released her debut album “Saxobeats”.
She won various music awards, including Best Dance and Best Song at the Romanian Music Awards 2011, nominated for Best European Act and winner of Best Romanian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011.
The next singles “Lemonade”, “Cliché” and “All My People” have all reached top places in international music charts.
Alexandra Stan conquered the Japanese music industry in 2014 with her second album “Unlocked”. Her songs causing sensational reactions, “Cherry Pop” becoming nr. 1 in iTunes in only 2 hours after the launch. The album was sold in over 3000 pieces during the first day after it was released. Another song “Dance” was named the nr.1 song in 2014 in Japan. Her reign over Japan continued with the launch of a capsule collection with the fashion brand Bershka.
The artist had successful colaborations with Inna, Connect-R, Dadee Yankee for songs that have captured millions of fans worldwide.
2016 is a busy and exciting year for Alexandra, her “Alesta” album getting a great deal of attention.
More recently, together with fellow international stars INNA, Antonia and Lori, the girls have united and created the hottest girl bands in Romania, G Girls, that surprised with the release of their first single “Call The Police” announcing other exciting singles during the following months.
Besides this Alexandra released a brand new song “Ecoute” in the summer of 2016, a thrilling video and song that captured a different side of her, a song that enjoyed heavy radio rotation.
Later on, Alexandra kicked off 2017 with the release of a brand new video for her song “9 Lives” of the “Alesta” album.