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Akcent is at the moment an international number one pop-dance phenomenon, being acclaimed not only in Romania but also all over the world, from countries like India and Pakistan to the US and beyond!

After their debut in 2001, Akcent has released no less than 12 albums, plus 3 international chart topping issues entitled 'French Kiss,' 'King of Disco' and 'That's my Name', that included their international smash hits 'Kylie', 'Jokero' and others. They are one of the most acclaimed bands of the moment, crossing cultural borders into all 4 point of the Globe – from the North (Sweden) to the South (Bulgaria, Turkey), West (France, Netherlands) and even to the East, all the way to Russia, heating up the atmosphere in freezing Siberia.

International super hits “Stay with me” and “That’s my name” became Akcent’s trademark in Romania and abroad, reaching the audience all the way to Pakistan, India, Europe, the US and Egypt.

“My Passion” with its super sensual video, captured audiences all over the globe, selling millions of ringtones in Asia and generating hundreds of local and international concerts and gigs. With tens of millions of Youtube views, it became a viral sensation.

Influenced by their Arabic success, in 2012 they released a love declaration whispered both in Arabic and English. ‘I’m Sorry’ was a collaboration with a sizzling sexy female voice, accented by oriental and modern dance beats. The international hit got the guys in the spotlight and requests to see them perform live in concerts and tours did not hesitate to appear. The middle-eastern fans went crazy and devoured every apparition.

As if all that weren’t enough, the same year, 2012, Akcent embarked on their first ever-American tour with gigs in the hippest clubs in New York and Chicago – The Mid and System Dance Club. Thousands of party people danced until the very break of dawn in a place that has seen only the best, from Tiesto to Robyn Rivera.
“My Passion” followed the principle of Veni Vidi Vici (came saw conquered) in America, leaving the public there mesmerized with the super fresh look topped off with their specific dance music vibes and super hip Romanian energy.

Back home, the American experience give birth to a new instant hit 'Chimie intre noi' (The chemistry between us), the video telling the story of a pure love between two teenagers. The key to their happiness being held by none others than the three guys themselves in a very emotional and moving video.

So many years and experiences on stage lead the band to a total rebranding in 2013.
'Taking part in the Akcent adventure, was the most exciting and electrifying adventure of our lives – a true blessing.
The past 12 years have been a quest for heaven – we had the unique chance to visit places we only dreamt of, bond with the most amazing people all over the world, learning to respect each and every one of you and singing in front of the best friends we could have never imagined. All of this we owe you, our fans and friends all over the world.
I deeply hope you are aware of all the great moments in our career – every success, every fall back, every crazy fun moment we spent with you!” this was the official statement that launched the new Akcent concept, one that has Adrian Sina as the only member of the band and project. He went on to assure the fans that Akcent will live a new and exciting life through future music and performances.

He did not disappoint and left everyone speechless in 2014 when he became a true sensation with the launch of the 11th album “Around the world” and the super hit “Kamelia”. The album was a breath of fresh air, a new chapter in the Akcent history since it came with 6 new songs, each in colaboration with a popular artist and all of them had a back-up video which combined told the beautiful story of the album.
The outcome of such a piece of art was the amazing reception the album had, making Adrian Sina one of the most successful Romanian artists who traveled the world and had a record number of 25 international concerts in less than 6 months! Europe, Asia and Africa danced all summer of 2014 under the songs, “Kamelia” taking by storm the music charts and was later placed in the top 10 most played songs on radio. The hit broke the record on Shazam as well, being one of most searched songs on the application.

Following the same pattern, one that proved successful to Beyonce in the past, Adrian Sina and Akcent launched a new album “Love the show” consisting of 10 songs and 10 videos over night!
This bold move makes him the only existing Romanian artist to do so, and for the second time! His videos bloomed overnight on Youtube leaving fans speechless.
The enormous amount of work invested in such a launch gathered a team of 50 people involved in the entire process from producing the songs and bringing the videos to life.
“Love the show” is a true declaration of the artists love for the scene and fans.
About the album Adrian declares ‘’Fans are the ones whose voices I listen to when creating a new piece. I understood their desire to live an incredible experience through Akcent’s music, they want to receive a full grasp of the concept from the start and the new album “Love the show” is striving to do that by bringing new sounds and videos that will create a special atmosphere for the listener. You are the ones who choose the next big hit and I am here to bring you the choices. I am the music creator, but it’s all in the hands of the fans to bring the hits in the spotlight on YouTube, on Shazam, in top radio charts and in the clubs! I am mostly grateful and thank everyone who trusts me, enjoys the music and ultimately Loves the Show!”

16 fresh collaborations, 10 videos and 3 bonus tracks gathered more than 30 million YouTube views. AKCENT Music studio is the hottest spot in the music industry, creating new hits daily.
Lidia Buble, Amira, Reea, Aza, Sandra N, Tamt, Veo, Cojo, Lazy, Andrei Vitan, Jordan, Mike Miller, Hi-Mode, Molitor, Galena and Meriem are all voices that gave accent to the new Akcent songs.

Akcent is was busy preparing for tours to promote the „Love the Show” album and appeared on stages in SUA, India, Pakistan, Rusia, Turkey, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain, to name a few. For Romania, Adrian prepared a few live shows with the band. Fans have devoured Adi’s apparitions on stage, pleased with his energy and amazing shows.

For the autumn of 2016, Akcent had numerous tours all over America and in far away countries such as Pakistan and Turkey.

The Akcent story is one to keep you excited and wanting for more. Each time a new track is released, it’s sure to make tens of millions of online views. Each time a concert was announced thousands of fans all over the world mobilized. Each and every Akcent Facebook post has tens and thousands of comments and likes. Akcent took over the world and is not letting it go, it’s a pop force to be loved combining a sexy image with melodic and catchy tunes.

Akcent is enthusiastic about 2017, and is impatiently waiting the release of his upcoming single “Gold” with an amazing new video.