• Fly Project
  • Christian Eberhard x Otilia x Caitlyn
  • Sasha Lopez x BRUJA
  • NOSFE x Alexandra Stan x Sak Noel feat. Los Tioz
  • Karmen
    Lock My Hips
  • Sunset City
    Forget It All ft. Samantha Jade
  • Ilona
    Private Dancer

Terms & Conditions for Artists

By completing the present, I unconditionally declare and accept all the following:


  1. I declare and guarantee that the work posted to the present website is original and I am its single proprietor.
  2. I declare that the work does neither include material vested with third party copyrights nor material subject to third party copyrights. Otherwise, I declare and guarantee that I possess an official licence or permission by the legal beneficiary of the copyrights or the beneficiary of any other rights.
  1. By the present I exclusively transfer the exploitation rights of the work posted to the present website to 314 MUSIC, on any media or format, for a period of three (3) years, and I agree that the 314 Music will hereinafter have the exclusive right to reproduce and circulate on audio or audiovisual media and generally to commercially exploit it worldwide for the above 3year period. Hence, the 314 MUSIC will be able : a) to record the version on audio or/and audio visual media, b) to directly or indirectly, reproduce the work on a provisional or regular basis, on any means and format, such as mechanical, photochemical, digital or electronic means and on any type of audio or/and audiovisual physical or non-physical media, c) to a worldwide permanent circulation, presentation, distribution, trading, and, generally, exploitation of the work on any audio or/and audiovisual physical or non-physical media, in any numbers, and with any trade mark, and more specifically with the 314 Records and HEAVEN trademark, such as by a transfer of the ownership based on a sale or on any other form (such as in record stores, as a premium, on-pack, kiosk sales etc.), including its distribution through new technologies (such as the internet, telephone, downloading, real tones, ring tones, ring back tones etc) d) to a radio & TV transmission and re-transmission of the work, following any method, such as through electromagnetic waves, the internet, cables or other material conductors, in parallel to the land surface or through satellites or telephone lines or storing to data bases, e) to a distribution/presentation of the work to the audience, in parts or as a whole, on any means and format, wired or wireless, such as through electronic networks (including the internet and the mobile telephone networks), offering the possibility to the 314 MUSIC to make the work accessible to audience offering access to everybody, making available right, f) to use-integrate the work for the promotion of any physical or non-physical means of the present, g) to the visualization and integration of the work on audiovisual means, such as to video-clips, and to the use, integration-reproduction of the work to audiovisual projects, films or TV films, advertisements, radio and television shows, drama or dance shows as well as to multimedia works (synchronization right) h) to its renting and public lending.
  1. The permission offered by the present is exclusive, transferable (including a right to assign a further exploitation permission) and is related to the use, reproduction, distribution, creation of derivatives, exposure and presentation of the said work within the framework of the offered service and, otherwise, to the business activities of the 314 Music and Heaven SA , such as the promotion and redistribution of a part or the total work (including the derivatives) to any media and through any media reproduction channels. For the granting of the present permission, and provided that the 314 Μusic proceeds to a commercial exploitation of the work, I will collect a fee from the net receipts resulting from it that I will be agreed with the 314 Μusic based in bona fidae and the business ethics, taking into account the possibility offered to me to promote my work through this collaboration.
  1. I accept that the 314 Music may proceed to all the above but it neither has an obligation nor is legally bound to act so.
  1. I declare that I am free to proceed to the above posting and preparation of the present agreement and I am neither bound to a different agreement nor infringe nor violate any obligation against third parties. Otherwise, I am obliged to indemnify the 314 Music for any occurred damage.
  2. I accept that I cannot publish or generally use my work anywhere, because for now on the 314 Music will have its exclusive exploitation right.
  3. I am over 18 years old.
  4. All data included above offer information and are not sensitive personal data.
  5. I accept the publication of any of my photos in websites, periodicals or newspapers, based on an agreement with the 314 MUSIC.
  6. Both the accuracy and correctness of all the above is a basic term for my cooperation with the 314 MUSIC; otherwise, I will have the obligation to fully indemnify the 314 MUSIC if any of my above guarantees and declarations are proved partially or totally inaccurate.
  1. I have fully understood the content of the terms included to the present, and by clicking on the relevant icon I sign and unconditionally accept these terms.